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If you’re anything like us, you’ve struggled to find that perfect balance between your desires to feel healthy & confident in a bikini AND enjoy spontaneous, fun, summer vacations, dinners, and outings with friends. We understand exactly how you’ve been feeling, and up until just a few summers ago, we didn’t think there was a way to enjoy BOTH of our desires simultaneously. Since sharing all that we know with our community in Self-Love Summer the past two years, we believe we’ve found the “secret sauce” to a balanced, fun, feel-good summer, and we’re bottling up this magic for you in the Self-Love Summer 2017 Challenge.

This summer, do you want to…

Play and have fun effortlessly?
Eat when you’re hungry, honor your body, and feel the benefits of taking good care of yourself?
Free your mind of the constant food worries (“what will I eat next?”) and diet obsession (“how will I lose weight?”)?
Go out with your friends, enjoy your favorite foods in moderation, and feel good in your body?
Speak kindly to yourself and create a more positive body image?
Let food become a pleasurable PART of your life, instead of being your WHOLE life?
We’ve asked ourselves these same questions, and what we’ve decided is that summer is supposed to be easy, light-hearted, and fun!

Which is why we created Self-Love Summer!


Imagine your summer free from overeating and the negative diet-cycle. Imagine a summer where you’re eating mindfully, listening to your body, and are truly engaged in the all of the fun activities around you.

We believe you want to have a better summer.

And we want to help make this your reality!

Here’s what the women who joined
Self-Love Summer last year said:

I am so much more content! I enjoy eating out, trying new foods and activities, and am no longer stuck in the vicious cycle of bingeing/restricting. Joining Self-Love Summer was one of the best decisions I have ever made.”
You girls don't know how much you've helped me. I feel as balanced with food as I'll ever be! After a couple months of practicing the Self-Love Steps and encouragement in Self-Love Summer, I feel good in my relationship with food. Thank you so so so much!”
I can’t begin to explain the burden and weight that has been lifted since I’ve incorporated the Self-Love Summer lessons and Self-Love Steps into my daily routine. I feel free!”
I am energized and ecstatic about the change in my life, and feel so very thankful for Paige, Abby, and the entire Self-Love Summer community. I feel positive that I am on the right track, and more optimistic than ever to continue.”

In Self-Love Summer we will guide you through:

  • Practicing the Self-Love Steps we provide you in each of our 13 weekly topic emails (see the 13 topics we cover below!) which come out each Monday morning to encourage & guide you!
  • Connecting with your private FB community FULL of like-minded women all summer long (June 19th - September 11th!)
  • A fresh and encouraging Self-Love weekly checklist each Monday to help you stay grateful, focused, and moving forward!
  • Several chances to win free bonuses (hint: private coaching sessions with Paige & Abby) just for participating!
  • Our unwavering support & encouragement ALL SUMMER LONG as your coaches, dedicated to helping you create the best, most freeing summer you've ever had!

We want you to know EXACTLY what you’re signing up for.
Here are the topics we will be walking you through in this summer challenge:






Comparison Traps


Unrealistic Expectations


Fun With Food


Unexpected Events




Dining Out, BBQ's, & Parties


Positive Body Image


Hunger Cue's


Pleasure & Excitement


Personal Journeys


Giving Yourself Credit

We have carefully hand crafted each topic, based on the top challenges we’ve see women face during the summer. We designed these 13 topics to guide you, step-by-step, through the necessary stages of getting more present and mindful so that you can enjoy your favorite things in moderation without feeling limited, distracted, or deprived.

What is it worth to you to have a summer more full of fun, balance, and moderation?

Do you believe you can have both (feeling great in your body and getting to enjoy all of the things summer has to offer)? We believe you can have both and more, and wish we would have been told this years ago!

We can’t wait to hangout with you and make 2017 our best summer yet!

We are so ready!

Let’s do this… join today and connect with the rest of the community right away! Enrollment is open until June 18th, and we officially begin on June 19th!


You may experience your best summer yet, that potentially includes more creativity, joy, body positivity, adventure, friendship, community, and feelings of freedom.